Parents and Friends Association

The P&F Association of St Gerard’s recognises and values the role that parents and carers play in the education of their children. The P&F team work in partnership with the school, parish and wider community for the benefit of our children.

Parents have an opportunity to assist the school by joining the P & F. They meet once a term to organise social and fundraising events as a way of supporting the school and developing a strong sense of community.

Funds go towards resources that directly influence the learning and interests of the children, e.g. playground equipment, improvements to playgrounds, library, maths and literacy resources.

Class Parent Position

Classes have a class parent and often this role is shared. The role is to support the Mission of the school through fostering inclusive and positive relationships with the parents in the class.

Opportunities for gatherings are offered each term and vary in times and venue, so every parent has an opportunity to attend something over the year. The class parent also assists the teacher on request, organises a class party at the end of the year, and welcomes any new families to the class group.