Religious Education

At St Gerard’s, we work in partnership with parents and parish to develop the children’s faith relationship with a loving God.

The Religious Education program has its foundation in the home and is built on by the school and parish.

Our school plays an important part in the children’s lifelong journey of faith. Daily lessons immerse the children in the rich history and traditions of the Catholic Church and the Scriptures. The curriculum also supports the parents in the preparation of the children for the sacraments.

St Gerard’s follows the K-12 Religious Education Curriculum established by the Broken Bay Diocese. There are 5 strands of the syllabus:

  1. God, Revelation and Human Destiny
  2. Jesus, Human and Divine
  3. Church and Discipleship
  4. Prayer and Sacraments
  5. Sacred Scripture

Every grade teaches Religious Education from the Diocesan Syllabus for a total of two and a half hours per week.