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Kinder Celebrates Learning

26 July 2017 | General Interest

Kindies love Learning!

In fact they celebrated the milestone of 100 days of learning with a day of activities focussed on 100.  The value of 100 was explored through making ‘collections’ of 100, counting tasks, writing and of course ‘a party’.


Kindies love Science!

Students investigated what materials melt and don’t melt, designed structures with plastic blocks after being inspired by a video clip of the Harbin Ice Festival.  Some drew leaves while examining the leaf structures using light boxes, others sorted images into seasons and then used the process as a writing activity. And then there was a dramatic play group which got to dress up in clothing appropriate for a particular season, had a photo taken and then used their image as a writing stimulus. What a fabulous learning experience! 

Kinder Science

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